Become a Member, Join SICA-US

SICA-US, the organization that provides the right tools to assess your customers’ credit risk and payment capacity. With the knowledge base available through SICA-US and the extensive peer network, can your company afford not to be a member!

SICA-US’s technology, tools, reports and database enable your credit department to follow better business practices by providing essential credit assessment tools to protect your accounts receivable and safeguard against potential bad debts.

Ask Yourself These Questions…

  • Is the level of credit information you obtain, current, accurate or sufficient to make a credit decision?
  • Are you concerned about exposure to certain accounts?
  • Are you spending too much time looking for credit information on customers?
  • Are you concerned about having the right tools to track potential bad debt/losses?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, see how joining SICA-US can help.

SICA-US Membership Benefits…

  • Credit information on over 35,000 sporting goods related retailers in North America;
  • A comprehensive scoring system for making quick, informed and accurate credit decisions;
  • Tools and algorithms to help you identify and avoid potential bad debts
  • Unlimited access to our dynamic credit reports;
  • Access to 500+ brand members through our peer network;
  • 7 Industry Credit Meetings annually across North America;
  • ‘Real time’ account monitoring & notifications
  • Delinquency and personalized monthly activity report on your customers.

  • Access to educational seminars, credit conferences, webinars, and more.
  • Quick and easy member A/R monthly download program
  • Access to SICA’s Legal counsel
  • Customized credit services to meet the needs of Brands of all sizes!

"As SICA members since the 1990’s we find the website invaluable as it contains all the information necessary to make quick credit decisions. It is also an excellent resource that provides up to the minute information on customer issues/problems, easy access to receive or generate trade inquiries and even documentation for security registration. I am contacted regularly by other reporting agencies and I tell them I already have all I need… SICA."


Cost to Join

For a quote or to learn more about our services, contact SICA-US at 1.855.437.8846 or email us at