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"SICALIVE" Credit Meeting Platform

Launched in 2013, SICA-US’s new platform for credit meetings ‘Live’ has completely revolutionized the exchange process and interface of our credit meetings. Gone are the days of the 500 page credit meeting books. SICA-US’s initiative to “go green” now provides a virtual, paper-free environment where information is in ‘Real-Time’.

“SICALIVE” was developed to continually enhance the efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of the information being shared, providing the opportunity to discuss each retailer in detail with your industry sector peers.

Meeting Preparation Time is Dramatically Reduced!

With the new “SICALIVE” platform, preparing for a credit meeting is simple and quick. You can upload your figures, retailer credit codes and high credit in less than 10 seconds. Adding the points you want to discuss on each retailer ahead of time has never been easier. Everyone comes well prepared with our unique “Meeting Live” preparation mode.

Our public notes system allows you to add your experience/comment on the retailer and share it with the rest of the group, leaving you with more time to discuss the retailers and less time taking notes during the meeting.

While the meeting is in progress, attending Credit Professionals can add up to the minute information on accounts, such as; latest payments, returned cheques, add/modify credit codes, and add/modify notes, etc. Remote credit staff also have this option, ensuring that their attending colleague has the latest information during the meeting.

Once the meeting has ended, participating members always have access to the meeting notes, whether by download or through our online credit report service.

"I have used the SICA website for the last 3 ½ years and out of my 30+ years credit experience it is probably one of the best credit websites I have used. The website is very user friendly, and continuously updated. Participating in the SICA meetings is a quarterly hi-lite, from which I am always able to glean useful credit information for like customers. The SICA staff are always there to provide assistance, and provide prompt and accurate feedback for any questions asked of them."

Increase Your Awareness

Our meetings provide great networking opportunities for common and cross industry sectors. They are structured to increase a credit manager’s awareness for potentially high-risk accounts and to take unilateral action to prevent potential bad debts.

SICA-US currently offers 7 credit meetings per year across North America in the following sectors:

  • Ski, Snowboard & Outdoor
  • Hockey & Licensed Products
  • Bicycle
  • Golf