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SICADEX Credit Scoring System

This simple yet powerful tool reveals a company’s payment and risk performance at a single glance.

The SICADEX enables you to make decisions, prioritize your collection efforts, establish credit terms, and spot downward trending accounts…all adding up to maximizing your profitable sales and minimizing your bad debt losses.

SICADEX is a proprietary scoring system developed by SICA-US to evaluate the credit performance of your customers providing you with the confidence on how to proceed with any given account.

How it Works

Each month we receive over $4 Billion dollars in accounts receivable data from our members through our file transfer program. These dollars represent the majority of the total dollars outstanding in the sporting goods industry.

Our scoring system takes the monthly A/R dollars downloaded on each retailer and analyzes these dollars by aging buckets. Seasonal/weather fluctuations are also taken into consideration helping to accurately track a retailer’s payment trend. The SICADEX score can range from 1 to 100, with “1” being the best and “100” being the worst.

The SICADEX score has been statistically proven to accurately spot problems. In taking the number of business failures over a two-year period we found one commonality: A SICADEX score of over 50. The average SICADEX score for failed businesses was 64

SICADEX has become the pivotal tool when evaluating the credit worthiness of retailers.