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Dynamic, Innovative, Unique.

SICA-US.COM is a dynamic, web-based application that connects members 24/7 to:

  • The latest credit profiles of your accounts or prospective accounts
  • Personalized Monitoring tools to inform you in real-time of any account down trend
  • Peer networking access
  • Accurate credit scoring and KPIs on all retailer.
SICA-US enables you to evaluate credit risks, analyze trends and performance of your accounts against industry sector benchmarks.

Our website is in constant evolution providing members with the latest credit assessment and analytical tools to effectively facilitate the credit decision making process.

As retailers are effectively getting more sophisticated, so should your credit tools…

SICA-US is constantly evolving and developing new tools, benchmarks and features that further enhance your efficiency. Our reports will soon include the geo-mapping location of your account and its surrounding competition.

Our new dashboard will provide you with new functionality allowing members to:

  • Stay connected to the latest industry, credit, financial and economic news
  • Easily interact and share information with your peers
  • Receive enhanced real-time account monitoring updates and alerts
  • Benchmark your A/R credit exposure within your industry sector
  • Analyze your complete A/R based on a credit risk scale
  • Analyze your complete A/R based on the SICADEX score for each account
  • Compare your accounts performance over a selected timeline
  • Access our redesigned credit report with new key performance and trend indicators
  • And much more…
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"I have been impressed with SICA’s determination to continually keep up with advances in web-based technology to provide a superior product to credit professionals."