About Us

Connecting the Sporting Goods Industry

The Sports Industry Credit Association was founded in 1980 by sporting goods, ski and outdoor manufacturers and importers. The concept for this not-for-profit organization was born from the need to assemble a network of like suppliers that would work together in exchanging credit information and would also intervene on their behalf in the face of unforeseen difficulties, bankruptcies and retailer re-organization, so that the sport/ski/outdoor industry would have a common voice to deal with insolvency and credit issues in the sporting goods industry.

Fast forward 35 years later, we have expanded our services to the US region. Located in Burlington, Vermont, SICA-US will focus on its level of service to its 500+ Brand Members while remaining true to its purpose of providing a confidential environment for members to exchange credit information. Today, SICA-US is considered one of the premiere credit organizations in the US with a constantly growing membership base across North America.

SICA-US monitors over 35,000 active retailer accounts and receives multi-billion dollars in accounts receivable data transfer every month from its members. This data has allowed us to develop our comprehensive “SICADEX” credit scoring system, which has become the standard for making accurate credit assessments.

In addition to representing the vast majority of the US Ski and Snowboard Industry, SICA-US has launched into other sporting goods segments, including bike, golf, footwear, and team.

SICA-US is constantly evolving to improve the quality of its information base. (Please refer to “Our Services” Menu for more information on our available tools and services.)

Join SICA-US today and start benefiting from the most reliable, comprehensive and timely credit information available.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Member owned/Not for profit credit association
  • Unlimited access to our retailer database
  • Innovative “SICALIVE” Credit Meeting Platform
  • Personalized “Real Time” account monitoring
  • Credit scoring system recognized by our peers and major credit insurance companies
  • Proprietary credit exchange technology
  • Investigative retail credit
  • Access to our senior credit analysts
  • Access to SICA’s Legal counsel
SICA-US.COM provides cutting edge credit assessment tools, permitting an in-depth analysis of your customers’ credit risk and payment capacity to avoid potential bad debt losses.

"As a long-time member of SICA since 1983, have found the networking, industry meetings and information provided on SICA’s website valuable to our company in making credit decisions. SICA’s innovation, over the years, demonstrates the ever-changing need of their members for today’s economy by providing the tools to report and obtain current information. SICA’s knowledgeable staff are always helpful and courteous. Cannot ask for a better Group to be a member of"

Our Mission

  • Provide the most cutting edge credit assessment tools to enable our members to make informed and timely credit decisions;
  • Promote the exchange of factual and valuable credit information in a confidential environment adhering to all U.S. antitrust and competition acts;
  • Develop and implement investigative procedures to assist members in preventing and minimizing bad debts;
  • Promote peer communication exchange.