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Dynamic Retailer Credit Reports


Membership includes unlimited access to our dynamic credit reports that pieces together the retailer’s past and present performance.

Through our scoring system, graphs, algorithms, credit meetings, returned cheques and third party claim history, our credit reports give an in-depth analysis of the retailer's credit performance. Indicators such as payment habits, debt load, payment capacity and trends will bring you the complete picture of the retailer’s credit worthiness and risk assessment.


What’s behind the numbers?

Member Input

  • Members monthly A/R download
  • Member Notification i.e. Returned Cheques, Claims, change of ownership, etc…

Investigative Updates

Proactive investigative reporting, performed by our senior credit analysts

Credit Meeting Data

Displaying current A/R, most recent payments, credit ratings, days beyond terms, and meeting notes exchanged.

Risk & Trend Algorithm

Risk and Trend algorithms are continuously updated as live information is entered into the credit report. These algorithms take into account: sicadex score, credit meeting information, returned cheques, claims and financial statement ratios.

Sicadex Scoring

Our fully objective credit scoring program is based on monthly A/R data received from our members.

Comparative Charts

Easily identifies a retailer’s current and historical payment trends and debts.

Geo-Location Map (coming soon)

Our map search function will display a store’s location as well as the surrounding competition.

Get the complete picture on your accounts

"I have been a member of SICA for almost 20 years. The web site is amazing and allows me to do my job 20 times faster than prior. The access to immediate and very accurate and timely information, the direct link to my peers, and the quick flash reports directly to my email regarding a special change in a company has allowed me to respond so much quicker to any given situation. The ability to pull as many reports as I want or need for no extra cost is wonderful. I can login and get a very clear picture in the first 2 minutes of reviewing. The added bonus is being able to call many of my direct competitors very good friends. I would be lost without them."